9 Reasons to Choose Dr. Azouz as your Biological Dentist

  1. Dr. Azouz has been a pioneer in the field of Biological Dentistry since 2006.
  2. Dr. Azouz is caring and will do his best to make sure you are comfortable.
  3. Dr. Azouz is a perfectionist! Which means your dentistry will not only  last a long time but will feel natural as well.
  4. Dr. Azouz believes in minimally invasive dentistry and will save as much natural tooth structure as possible.
  5. Dr. Azouz is the only Accredited Biological Dentist in the area.
  6. Dr. Azouz uses the most biocompatible materials available in dentistry.
  7. Dr. Azouz uses stem cells to regenerate bone and rarely prescribes antibiotics following a surgery.
  8. Dr. Azouz believes in educating patients about the root cause of their problem.
  9. Dr. Azouz only uses X-rays when absolutely necessary – for your health!
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