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Very professional and kind dental office. I purchased a teeth whitening package and am pleased with the process of having my trays made. I'm looking forward to using the whitening system. Highly recommend this dental office!

Sacramento, CA natural dentist office makes same day crowns that last with CEREC

Same Day Crowns in Sacramento CA area

Crowns, dental onlays (partial crowns), and inlays are a natural fit with a practice that celebrates restoring the tooth back to its vital health, function, and appearance. Crowns and conservative alternatives like onlays and inlays are not only natural looking and biocompatible (tissue-friendly), but they can also be made efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the restoration used to build up a decayed or otherwise damaged tooth. We offer Same Day Crowns in Sacramento CA. As the name suggests, Sacramento Natural Dentistry makes a durable, stunning crown while you wait, within the same appointment as your initial crown visit. Using … Continue reading

Citrus Heights holistic dentist shares 5 unexpected reasons you should consider Invisalign

5 Reasons You Should Consider Invisalign Citrus Heights area

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic system that moves teeth into alignment using clear plastic appliances rather than brackets and wires. Teens and adults are usually interested in Invisalign to improve the look of their smiles, without the obvious appearance of hardware during treatment. However, there are additional advantages with a far-reaching impact on your wellbeing. The team at Sacramento Natural Dentistry in Citrus Heights shares these 5 surprising reasons you should consider Invisalign. Your teeth and mouth could be healthier throughout life At any given time, several hundred types of bacteria are living inside your mouth. If you have good … Continue reading

Holistic dentist to serve all your family’s dental needs near Roseville, CA

Dentist Near Roseville CA area

Finding a new dentist near you can be challenging when you are seeking out a holistic dental practitioner who puts your health first. At Sacramento Family Dentistry, families near Roseville, CA can trust that Dr. Darryl Azouz always considers your whole body’s well-being in every treatment he provides, from preventive care to restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures. As a holistic dentist, he combines knowledge of the latest dental techniques and tools with an understanding of how your oral health impacts the rest of your body to provide high-quality dental care for everyone in the family. Holistic family dentistry Dental care … Continue reading

Dentist near Roseville, CA explains what holistic dentistry is and how it benefits you

What is Holistic Dentistry in Roseville area

As a biological dentist, Dr. Darryl Azouz of Sacramento Natural Dentistry often gets questions from prospective and current patients in Roseville, Citrus Heights, and Sacramento areas about what holistic dentistry is. Here, he answers several frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the benefits of this field of dentistry for not only your oral health but also your overall well-being. What is holistic dentistry? Holistic dentistry, also commonly referred to as biological dentistry, is an approach to dentistry that focuses on treating the patient as a whole, rather than individual oral health issues. At the core of holistic … Continue reading

Three unexpected benefits from biological dental services in Citrus Heights, CA

Holistic Dentistry Citrus Heights, CA area

Has trying to achieve and maintain good health become an exhausting cycle of describing symptoms to doctors, taking medicines, then dealing with side effects? Has the process left you weary in body, mind, and spirit, wondering if you will ever feel naturally good again? The solution could be in your mouth. As many patients in the Sacramento and Citrus Heights, CA area are discovering, a holistic dentistry practice can help you find answers, with services tailored to your unique physiology. Prevention isn’t just a buzzword While most dentists genuinely care about preventing oral issues, that may primarily revolve around encouraging … Continue reading

Does your child need a mouthguard for sports? Dental team in Citrus Heights explains

Does Your Child Need a Mouthguard for Sports in Citrus Heights area

Sacramento is home to three professional sports teams and seven semi-pro clubs. Watch any player and you will likely notice him or her wearing a sports mouthguard. Does your child need the same type of protection for school sports or other activities? The experienced dental care team at Sacramento Natural Dentistry in Citrus Heights, CA thinks so. Keep reading to understand why they encourage this precaution. Does your child in Citrus Heights need a mouthguard for sports? Average human bite force on molars is 170 to 200 psi (considerably less for other teeth). A healthy mouth can withstand that pressure … Continue reading

Family and cosmetic holistic dentist near Folsom, CA for all of your dental needs

Dentist Near Folsom CA area

When you need a new dentist, it can be tempting to just type “Dentist office near me” into your search bar and call the first practice that pops up. However, it is truly beneficial for your health to take the time to find a dental practitioner that is not only a good fit for your family but who also takes your family’s whole health and well-being into consideration when recommending or performing dental treatments. You will find all of this and more at Sacramento Natural Dentistry! Dr. Darryl Azouz, a dentist near Folsom, CA, is a holistic family and cosmetic … Continue reading

Your search to “find a dentist near me” is over! Dr. Azouz family dentistry near Sacramento, CA

The benefits of having a family dentistry practice you can trust

A good family dentist that can provide care for every member of your family – from the youngest child to the oldest generation – can be hard to find. If you have been searching for “Find a dentist near me” and are located in the Sacramento, CA area, you don’t need to look any further. Dr. Darryl Azouz and the team at Sacramento Natural Dentistry are highly trained dental professionals with the expertise to provide preventive care and treat a wide variety of dental conditions. As an integrative, holistic dental practice, the team is also personally committed to providing the … Continue reading

Mercury-free dentist in Sacramento, CA emphasizes the bigger picture

Mercury Free Dentist in Sacramento CA area

Holistic dentistry is not an official area of specialization. Rather, it describes an approach to dental care that recognizes the intimate connection between oral health and overall wellness. Thus, among dentists who depict themselves as holistic, biological, or natural, a broad range of philosophies and services is represented. Mercury-free is a good example. Sacramento Natural Dentistry shares this information to help individuals in the Sacramento, CA area make an informed choice when choosing a dentist. Understanding mercury-free dentistry There is a common misconception about the silver-colored filling material which has been widely used in this country since the 1800s. Many … Continue reading

Biological dentistry: Personalized wellness strategies for patients throughout the Roseville, CA area

Biological Dentistry in Roseville CA area

While we, as humans, share basic characteristics, each of us is utterly unique, from DNA to appearance and lifestyle. Biological dentistry recognizes your individuality with a personalized plan of prevention, treatment, and maintenance. With this style of dental care, the dentist and hygiene team partner with you to keep your mouth vital in ways that promote healthy body balance and emotional wellbeing. Health-conscious individuals from Sacramento to Roseville, CA are discovering the life-changing level of dental care at Sacramento Natural Dentistry in Citrus Heights. Basic tenets of biological dentistry There is no specific rulebook for biological dentistry. Rather, this type … Continue reading


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Sacramento Natural Dentistry
Rating: 5 Sacramento Natural Dentistry - Reviews

I want to give a recommendation for a natural dentist to anyone seeking a holistic leaning dentist, or any dentistry at all for that matter. I had a dental emergency due to several cavities that ended up being put on hold because of the virus shutdown. Living in Tahoe, the options of which dentists I had to choose from was short, and all of them were closed still. Over the last month I wound up with severe tooth pain from the bacteria in the cavities that very nearly became systemic. Two days ago I searched google for a natural dentist in Sacramento and the first one that was open and actually answered their phone was the good people at Sacramento Natural Dentistry. I explained to them my predicament and they got me an appointment yesterday at two o'clock. (Next day appointment after being closed for two months!) After taking x-rays and seeing the severity of the condition, I was offered a choice in treatment options. Yes you heard that right, a choice as to which procedures best fit my life situation. After a conversation about my options, some lidocaine was administered and 3 cavities were filled with precision and amazing efficiency followed by an extraction of a tooth that we determined was beyond being worth saving. The staff was helpful and kind and treated me with respect. The dentist who performed the procedure, Dr. Darryl Azouz who has twenty two years experience in dentistry, was patient and attentive, professional and very personable. I immediately noticed his authenticity and genuine care for others. Throughout the procedure we conversed and I really must say that overall it was the most pleasant time I've ever had in a dentists chair. Any of you out there who are looking for good holistic dental care at a fair price as well as a heart based approach, I can tell you that he and his team were well worth my drive from Tahoe for a visit. I am grateful to have found them and will return for future dental work without hesitation. Keep safe and many blessings.

Sacramento Natural Dentistry
Rating: 5 Sacramento Natural Dentistry - Reviews

I love this office! Dr. Azouz is the best dentist my family has ever had. I have had nothing but positive experiences every time I have had anything done in this office. I have referred several friends and family and all have been so happy with Dr. Azouz. My kids now love going to the dentist and I appreciate how good Dr. Azouz and the staff are with them. This is an office you will not be disappointed in, and is great for all ages!


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