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Injury and tooth decay can cause extensive damage to a tooth. As often as possible, we attempt repair with composite fillings, inlays, or onlays. In some cases, however, a dental crown is the best option for total restoration.

At one time, gold and silver crowns were as much a fashion statement as they were a necessity. The primary purpose of this restoration is to cover the crown of a damaged tooth in order to protect it from further injury. We are happy to provide beautiful crowns made of high-quality metal-free materials.
There are several instances in which placing a customized crown makes the most sense. This full-coverage restoration may be used to repair a fracture or similar damage. Another common situation in which crowns are used is after root canal therapy. Finally, tooth replacement typically involves dental crowns, either to affix to a dental implant or as components of a dental bridge.

Dental bridges

The purpose of a dental bridge is to close the gap that occurs with tooth loss. There are several types of dental bridges, which look similar to a partial denture. The fixed bridge is one of the most common. To replace one or more missing adjacent teeth, a bridge will be made with two hollow dental crowns and one or more artificial teeth. Crowns are fitted over the teeth at the outer ends of the gap. These teeth will stabilize the bridge.

We view our role in patient care as one of collaboration with each individual. When you choose us as your dental team, you will enter into a partnership in which we value your opinion. We strive to foster feelings of respect and trust through which excellent results are achieved.
In addition to standard crown treatment, we also offer patients an expedited service with innovative CAD/CAM technology. Incorporating advanced imaging and software into the restorative process, our team can take you from start to finish in a single visit. CAD/CAM technology enables us to create a highly detailed model of your tooth, which is then sent to a milling machine in our on-site laboratory. Crowns are carved from high quality ceramic material that will blend in seamlessly with surrounding teeth.
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The best dentist in the area! Dr. Azouz and his staff are friendly, experienced and highly personable. They employ cutting edge technologies to ensure you get the best treatment possible. I especially like the fact that they are a natural dentist using cutting-edge technologies to ensure safety and comfort at all times. I highly recommend Them to all my friends and family.Steven G.

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