Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture

May 13, 2021

Forward Head Posture in Citrus Heights, CA

Our posture can greatly affect our feelings of health and wellness. That’s why Airway Sleep & TMJ Solutions offers treatment for forward head posture in Citrus Heights and the effects this can have on a patient’s well-being.

What Is Forward Head Posture (FHP)?

Our normal head posture refers to when the ears are lined up with our shoulders and midline. With forward head posture (FHP), the head is positioned such that the ears are in front of the body’s midline, vertically speaking. Though this condition is common, it can result in discomfort and complications to a patient’s health. FHP can result in neck pain, balance problems, stiffness, headaches, back pain, and even symptoms associated with TMJ (dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint that connects the jaw to the skull).

A misaligned posture can put undue pressure on certain muscles and tissues. This can change the structure of muscles in terms of their length and strength. With FHP, muscles at the front of the neck become shorter and weaker, whereas those at the back of the neck become longer and tighter.

How Is FHP Treated?

One effective treatment for FHP is neck stretches for pain relief. In fact, strengthening exercises combined with stretching can alleviate the effects of FHP and restore a patient’s posture as well. This allows for a positive change in the muscles that support a patient’s head, such as those in their upper back, neck, and shoulders.

If you develop FHP and this condition leads to TMJ issues or other health complications, our team has solutions. TMJ, sleep disorders, and other chronic conditions can interfere with a patient’s quality of life, sleep health, and daily productivity. Our office will recommend treatments to alleviate the symptoms associated with these conditions.

Looking for a sleep apnea center near me or seeking further information about posture or joints in Citrus Heights? Contact our professional staff members at Airway Sleep & TMJ Solutions. We will schedule an initial consultation to assess your symptoms and posture and help determine the proper treatment to restore your feelings of health and wellness. Make an appointment today !

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