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Holistic Dentistry in Grass Valley, CA

It’s a well-known fact that your oral health is linked to your overall health. At Grass Valley Natural Dentistry, this fact is the cornerstone upon which our service provision is based. We provide non-invasive, personalized, and holistic dental care to individuals battling a wide array of dental health challenges. From cavities to bad breath and periodontal disease, and everything in between, our dentist in Grass Valley, CA, is committed to providing the treatment that responds best to your holistic needs as an individual.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is founded on the premise that your oral health impacts your overall well-being. As such, holistic dentistry focuses on treating the individual and not the disease. At Grass Valley Natural Dentistry, we see beyond your symptoms and go the extra mile to identify underlying health or lifestyle issues that may be contributing to poor oral health.

Our balanced approach to treating dental health issues guarantees better long-term outcomes and less invasive solutions.

The Patient Experience

As with other holistic medicine, the starting point of holistic dentistry is a thorough assessment, during which the dentist obtains relevant information about your oral and general health. We use this information to identify warning signs, risk factors, and ongoing problems that require immediate intervention.

If you’re struggling with cavities, for instance, our dentist may be interested in learning more about your nutrition and diet habits to advise you accordingly. While treating cavities with dental fillings and sending the patient home with their restored teeth gets the short-term job done, it does nothing to prevent future problems.

It’s worth noting that we don’t use silver amalgam fillings and neither do we recommend root canal therapy. Instead, our dentists will provide alternatives that are friendly for you and the environment as well.

At Grass Valley Natural Dentistry, we’re committed to going the extra mile and empowering our patients to be firmly in control of their oral and overall well-being by taking conscious steps to safeguard the same.

If you’re seeking a dental practice that treats the patient and not just the symptoms, Grass Valley Natural Dentistry is the office to call. Contact our dentists near you today to experience patient-tailored holistic dentistry in Grass Valley, CA.

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