Oxygen Therapy in Dental Care

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Oxygen Therapy in Dental Care

May 25, 2021

Every patient visits their dentist with different concerns, and their dentist will create for them a custom treatment plan. The dentistry field is dynamic. With the technological advancements in dental care, some dentists have started utilizing oxygen therapy in their practice.

Role of Oxygen in Dentistry

Oxygen is essential for your cells and general body health. With that in mind, your dentist can harness it to help improve your dental experience. Our dentist in Citrus Heights uses oxygen therapy to treat infections and disinfect prepared teeth before restorations.

During the oxygen therapy, your dentist will use oxygen that is 100% pure. Pure oxygen has its source from the three atoms that combine to form ozone. Just like the ozone layer nourishes our environment, oxygen therapy can protect us during dental care procedures.

Your dentist can provide oxygen therapy in three forms—ozonated water, ozonated gas and ozonated olive oil. Oxygen therapy is painless, non-toxic and works hand in hand with your natural body functions to achieve several benefits.


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With oxygen therapy, you can achieve the following:

  • Less healing time for wounds
  • Reduced risk of infections
  • Preservation of healthy tissues
  • Reduces the effect of toxins
  • Prevention of the growth of pseudomonas in your body

Treating Acute Dental Problems

Do you have a dental injury, mouth sores, or recovering from an invasive dental procedure? Oxygen therapy might be helpful to improve healing.

Oxygen is significant for cell metabolism and growth. Although your body generates cells, there is a need to produce more if you have an injury. The production of cells will help in tissue healing.

With exposure to ozone therapy, the body tissues can heal faster. Other than soft tissues, bones also heal faster under oxygen exposure. Therefore, oxygen therapy can catalyze the body’s natural healing process.

Apart from fueling the healing process, oxygen therapy can also create a pure environment for prolonged healing. Also, the effects of oxygen therapy are long-lasting since oxygen and water are natural components in the body and get right to the source of your oral health problem.

However, dentists use oxygen therapy with other traditional dental procedures since it has not been proved to provide healing alone. Our dentist recommends oxygen therapy in Citrus Heights if you have gum disease and other invasive dental procedures to reduce the healing time and boost your body’s immunity.

We recommend visiting our dental office near you to discuss your concerns and learn how oxygen therapy might be helpful.

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What to Expect During Ozone Therapy

During oxygen therapy procedure, your dentist might administer ozone in the following forms:

Directly to the Tissue

If you have a severe dental problem, the dentist might recommend administering ozone gas or ozonated water directly to the affected tissue. Dr. Azouz administer the ozone gas to the affected tissue under a covering to provide disinfection and healing.


To treat internal infections in your oral cavity, your dentist might consider injecting gaseous ozone into the infected site. Dr. Azouz may get you numb so it can be a comfortable experience.

Before choosing ozone therapy, consult with your dentist to learn more.

Are There Potential Risks Associated with Oxygen Therapy?

Are you having mixed feelings about choosing oxygen therapy due to fear of potential risks? With oxygen therapy, you are not likely to develop any complications. Therefore, you don’t have to fear the possible complications since ozone therapy is not harmful.

In case you develop complications after oxygen therapy, you should contact your dentist. The dentist can diagnose the cause and provide treatments. Alternatively, your dentist can refer you to a physician for further diagnosis and treatments.

Finding a Dentist Near You

Are you looking for a dentist who offers oxygen therapy in Citrus Heights? For consultations and treatments, visit us at Sacramento Natural dentistry.

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