Anxiety Treatments in Citrus Heights, CA.

Anxiety and sleep issues work as a cycle that continuously amplifies the symptoms of the other. About half of people diagnosed with anxiety are also diagnosed with a sleep disorder and as researchers studied the correlation, they found the connection between anxiety and sleep issues is too strong to treat one without the other. Anxiety can lead to a sleep disorder just as easily as a sleep disorder can lead to anxiety. Sleep disorders are listed as common in the progression from anxiety to depression, meaning sleep disorders are a symptom of neurological conditions as well as a trigger. In many patients, it is difficult to tell which condition came first.

It is normal to feel anxiety from time to time. Feeling tense or worried when the situation warrants it is healthy, the problem arises when anxiety doesn’t wane or pops up for no identifiable reason. Anxiety is characterized by restlessness, nervous energy, digestive issues, sleep disorders, and difficulty focusing. Anxiety can also produce panic attack episodes that result in increased heart rate, shortness of breath, throat tightening, sweating, dizziness, and fear. These panic attacks and symptoms of anxiety plague both waking and sleeping hours. Waking symptoms that accompany sleep conditions like sleep apnea and insomnia include hyper and irritable behavior, trouble concentrating, and constant fatigue.

Anxiety affects your ability to sleep, and your ability to sleep affects the potential success of managing your anxiety. Effectively evaluating and treating sleep disorders is essential to your mental health and many professionals recommend sleep disorder treatment to increase the effectiveness of anxiety and depression treatment.

The following symptoms may be present if you are suffering from anxiety and sleep disorders:

  • Frequent waking
  • Nervous, worried feelings
  • Chest pains while sleeping
  • Excessive sweating during the night
  • Trouble breathing during sleep
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Insomnia, trouble quieting the mind
  • Restlessness

Anxiety Treatments in Citrus Heights, CA.


Will proper sleep help with my anxiety?

Yes! In fact, many mental health professionals make it a priority to evaluate for sleep disorders in their patients and recommend them for sleep disorder treatment. Because sleep disorders can be both a trigger and a symptom of anxiety and depression, including sleep disorder treatment to your anxiety and depression management will reduce the symptoms of each condition. It is also just as important for patients seeking sleep disorder treatment to evaluate their mental health to find any underlying issues that could compromise sleep disorder treatment.

Why does my anxiety seem to get worse at night?

The reason behind this is two-fold because sleep disorders and anxiety are in a constant cycle of cause and effect. When you’re trying to sleep, your body relies on proper breathing patterns that can be disrupted by obstructed airways, anxiety symptoms, and central nervous induced apnea. Disruption of these breathing patterns can trigger anxiety symptoms to intensify.

Is there effective treatment for sleep disorders accompanied by anxiety?

Yes! At Airway Sleep & TMJ Solutions, we specialize in offering parents a natural and surgery-free path to managing anxiety and sleep disorders. Our anxiety and sleep condition treatment program utilizes Craniofacial Epigenetics and Pneumopedics® science to develop customized solutions for your unique needs. Using thorough diagnostics, oral appliance therapy, and myofunctional therapy, our team reduces and eliminates sleep disorder symptoms and increases the regular deep sleep you desperately need. There is effective treatment available for anxiety-related sleep disorders, become an Airway Sleep & TMJ Solutions success story today.

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