BPA-Safe Fillings

BPA-Safe Fillings in Sacramento, CA

Did you know that your tooth-colored composite fillings may contain BPA? On the other hand, silver fillings contain mercury. If you need a cavity filled, but you do not want to be exposed to BPA or mercury, give Sacramento Family Dentistry a call to schedule an appointment for BPA-safe fillings near you.

What Are BPA-Safe Fillings and Why Are They Important?

Metal fillings are now considered outdated for a variety of reasons. Tooth-colored composite fillings are preferable for most patients because they create a natural-looking smile and are more aesthetically pleasing.

Metal fillings contain mercury which is dangerous for human health and can be released into the body’s systems through the friction of chewing, but the alternative of resin-based composite fillings also has some downsides which need to be taken into consideration.

The plastics in the composite used for tooth-colored filling can contain high amounts of BPA, which has been proven to have adverse effects on health. When saliva and the enzymes of saliva come in contact with the composite filling, it can lead to BPA being released.

Even small doses of BPA can have devastating effects on your health. The main risk of BPA exposure is an increased risk of heart disease, which can be deadly. This means that composite fillings, which have high amounts of BPA that could be released into your bloodstream, are dangerous, and a safer alternative should be used.

At Sacramento Family Dentistry, our dentist near you is dedicated to delivering safe and healthy dental procedures and fillings. We only use BPA-safe composite fillings for our patients.

BPA-Safe Fillings at Sacramento Family Dentistry

Our family dentistry practice is devoted to making the dental procedures that you need accessible and safe. Our experienced dentist near you only uses BPA-safe materials for fillings in an effort to protect your oral health and overall health.

To receive BPA-safe fillings, give our conveniently located dental practice a call today. We offer flexible appointment times and can schedule you an appointment that works with your schedule.


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