Difficulty Focusing

Difficulty Focusing

At Sacramento Natural Dentistry, we understand that there are many distractions around us that cause difficulty focusing in Citrus Heights, CA. This is true for adults as well as children. However, some people who have significant trouble with focusing may have an underlying problem or root cause. In these cases, for patients with trouble focusing, treatment in Citrus Heights can help.

Potential Causes of Difficulty in Focusing

When our health is not at an optimal level, it can be difficult to be present in the moment and focus our thoughts and energy on what we are doing. Poor sleep health is one potential root cause for those that struggle to focus. This happens in both adults and children. Interrupted sleep due to breathing problems associated with sleep apnea can result in daytime fatigue, headaches, irritability, and lack of focus.

In addition, chronic pain can be an underlying cause in patients who struggle with focusing. Conditions such as TMJ, or dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, can result in painful symptoms that disrupt a patient’s productivity and quality of life. If you suffer from jaw pain or other signs of TMJ, a doctor near me can help alleviate your discomfort.

Options for Patients

For patients experiencing difficulty focusing, treatment in Citrus Heights is available. Our professional team can provide solutions for sleep disorders as well as conditions that create chronic pain, such as TMJ. Depending on your individual difficulties in focusing and any related symptoms of poor sleep health or chronic pain, our staff members will offer options to restore your overall health and wellness as well as your ability to focus your thoughts and energy. This allows patients to enhance their productivity and well-being.

If you are interested in becoming more focused, therapy in Citrus Heights may offer solutions for you. Contact our team at Sacramento Natural Dentistry for more information. We will set up an initial consultation to assess your individual situation and needs, and then recommend proper treatment to enhance your focus and feelings of well-being. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

The anxiety of falling behind and confusion from lack of focus can also develop into emotional and behavioral issues in class as well as at home.

The following could be an alert that your child is dealing with a lack of focus from a sleep disorder.

  • Poor academic performance
  • Disregard or indifference toward school and other activities
  • Behavior issues and emotional outbursts in school and at home

Patient Testimonials

I was very nervous during my first visit. Dr. Campus was very understanding. I did not feel any pain. I now have 5 implants and my smile is amazing! I have my smile back and my dentist phobia is gone thanks to Dr. Campus and the entire staff. You have a patient for life!

My dental visit with Sorrento dental was very pleasant. Dr. Riley always explains in detail what he’s doing during examinations which is much appreciated. His dental tech Jennifer is the best and is always so warm and pleasant. I have personally requested her for all of my future visits!! A overall great dental clinic!!

Difficulty Focusing


Could a sleep disorder be the cause of my child’s lack of focus?

It’s likely your child’s lack of focus could stem from a lack of sleep. Children with sleep disorders are regularly misdiagnosed for neurodevelopmental disorders, learning disabilities and can be considered less intelligent and difficult by educators. One of the first places every parent should search for clues to the cause of their child’s lack of focus or behavioral issues is the amount and quality of sleep they get each night.

How can I determine if my child is showing symptoms of a sleep disorder?

Symptoms of a sleep disorder in your child usually begin at school in the form of low performance and behavioral issues. You may notice issues at home with behavior and focus issues. Children dealing with sleep disorders usually have impulsive behavior with frequent mood swings. They are easily distracted and struggle with following instructions. Children with sleep disorders are often hyperactive and have difficulty keeping track in verbal conversations.

Is there effective treatment for lack of focus caused by child sleep disorder?

Yes! At Sacramento Natural Dentistry, we specialize in offering parents a natural and surgery-free path to managing child sleep disorders. Our child sleep condition treatment program utilizes Craniofacial Epigenetics and Pneumopedics® science to develop customized solutions for your child’s unique needs. Using thorough diagnostics, oral appliance therapy, and myofunctional therapy, our team reduces and eliminates sleep disorder symptoms and increases the regular deep sleep your child desperately needs. There is effective treatment available for child sleep disorders, become an Sacramento Natural Dentistry success story today.

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