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Laser Dentistry in Sacramento, CA

Lasers have improved numerous processes, including the way we handle various dental conditions, including gum disease. Patients of Sacramento Natural Dentistry can benefit from the accuracy, safety, and comfort provided by precision laser dental equipment.

Gum disease is the primary condition linked to tooth loss in adults. Two distinct factors enable gum disease to advance: one is that early signs of gum disease are easy to miss. The second is that many people fear gum procedures are painful and invasive. No one likes the idea of painful visits to the dentist. Whether patients do it consciously or not, treatment for gum disease may be avoided.

When you join our practice, you will see and feel the difference. Quite simply, we love what we do and it shows.

Why we get gum disease

Gum disease is an infection that develops when bacteria accumulate on and around the teeth. This accumulation forms a biofilm we call plaque. Often, this colorless, odorless film adheres so strongly to teeth that it is not adequately removed with brushing and flossing. In such a case, the subsequent inflammation causes gum tissue to weaken its hold on teeth. As tissue loosens, pockets form and the bacteria in plaque move into these areas.

Inflamed, infected gums may appear slightly red and swollen. Tenderness may occur or you may notice small amounts of blood in the sink when you brush. This is the time to see your dentist. If you wait until gums are obviously receded from teeth, there is a chance that bone tissue has been affected as well.

In the ideal situation, routine dental care is received on a six-month recall basis, allowing the dental team to detect problems in their earliest stages. Our preference is to treat any dental condition with the most conservative care. If gum disease advances, so must the approach to elimination. At Sacramento Natural Dentistry, we utilize the latest technologies for comfort and efficiency. We are pleased to offer laser gum therapy to minimize the impact of harmful oral bacteria on your smile.

Laser gum treatment can focus on the pockets around teeth. With short bursts of laser energy, we can destroy unhealthy bacteria and improve circulation through which healing is encouraged. Because receding gums may factor into tooth sensitivity, laser treatment has also been shown to improve this condition.

Gum disease is a condition to take seriously, as it can have severe consequences to general health. Early gum disease may be treated with deep cleaning that includes scaling and root planing. We may also treat infection successfully with ozone therapy alone or in combination with laser treatment.

In addition to eradicating bacteria below the gum line, laser treatment effectively treats conditions like:

  • “Gummy” smile
  • Blemishes around the lips
  • Cold sores (herpes)
  • And more . . .

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