Mercury Safe Dentistry

Mercury Safe Dentistry in Sacramento, CA

The team at Sacramento Natural Dentistry is committed to your oral health and the longevity of your dental restorations. We are proud to be not only a mercury-free dental office but also one that is mercury-safe. Our staff follows the training and guidelines of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, which include specific steps for the handling of existing amalgam fillings in order to minimize exposure to the patient and practitioner. We are happy to discuss our methods with you.

When you join our practice, you will see and feel the difference. Quite simply, we love what we do and it shows.

Mercury in dentistry

For centuries, the goal of dental care has been to solve problems efficiently and quickly. In the case of amalgam dental fillings, this solution was popular due to its low cost compared to the use of gold. At the time, more than 180 years ago, the inherent dangers of mercury had yet to be confirmed. Therefore, amalgam became one of the most widely used dental materials of our time. Though it is still in use today, even after mercury has been eliminated from the ingredient list of many consumer products, dental amalgam seems to be on its way out. Recently, several countries signed the United Nations Minamata Treaty on Mercury, which has been composed to eliminate the use of industrial mercury altogether, including in dentistry.

What is wrong with mercury?

Mercury is natural, but it is also dangerous. In fact, it is recognized for its extreme toxicity, which is why we no longer see conventional mercury thermometers being sold. Even when this substance is “contained” within dental amalgam, it can affect tissues all over the body. The process is simple. When we chew, friction creates heat. When mercury within a dental filling is heated, vapors are emitted from the tooth. When mercury vapors are released, they can be inhaled into the lungs or enter the blood through tissue absorption. Researchers continually conduct studies into the effects of ongoing exposure to mercury from various sources.

Mercury-free alternatives

When you visit Sacramento Natural Dentistry, you can feel good about repairs made with mercury-free, BPA-free dental fillings. The resin fillings that are created in the biocompatible dental office look just like natural enamel, which means they will not affect the appearance of your smile. Mercury free and metal free composite resin restorations are also extremely durable and kind to the natural structure of the teeth they repair.

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