Oxygen / Ozone Therapy

Oxygen / Ozone Therapy in Sacramento, CA

We are proud to offer patients of Sacramento Natural Dentistry an integrative approach to their dental concerns. One of the methods we use to treat conditions is ozone therapy.

What is ozone, really?

There is a misconception that ozone equals pollution and that it is harmful. In fact, ozone is no more than a transient derivative of oxygen. It occurs naturally in the environment and actually cleanses the atmosphere of pollutants. Through more than 150 years of study, researchers, physicians, and dentists have discovered the power of ozone in the clinical setting. Today, this oxidant is routinely used in the therapeutic treatment of conditions such as oral infections, acne, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

Why ozone makes sense for dentistry

As an oxidant, ozone has the power to destroy parasites, viruses, fungi, and bacteria safely, as these pathogens have very few antioxidant enzymes to protect their cell membranes. When ozone contacts these abnormal cells, oxidation occurs immediately, leading to rupture and subsequent cell death. Only unhealthy cells lack the antioxidant enzymes to protect them. What this means to you is that ozone will not harm healthy cells, but will destroy diseased cells.

The safety of therapeutic doses of ozone has been well researched and recorded. European research on water treatment has shown that a single molecule of ozone is more powerful than 3000 chlorine molecules. Additionally, this research found that ozone destroyed pathogens 3500 times faster than chlorine and without side effects or caustic byproducts. Studies of ozone in medicine have concluded that this substance aids in wound healing and immune response among other things.

We believe in helping our patients regain comfort but we also want to address the conditions that may affect oral health as a whole. We are pleased to use ozone in a number of treatments, both preventively and therapeutically.

  • Ozonated water may be used as a pre-treatment disinfectant rinse.
  • Ozonated water or a mixture of oxygen/ozone gas may be incorporated into treatment to eliminate any existing infections. It is a wonderful tool for the treatment of gum disease, cavities, and more.

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