Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Sacramento, CA

Lasers have improved numerous processes, including the way we handle various dental conditions, including gum disease. Patients of Sacramento Natural Dentistry can benefit from the accuracy, safety, and comfort provided by precision laser dental equipment.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a growing field in which dentists undergo training to utilize specific forms of sedative medication. Sedatives are medications that act safely and efficiently on the central nervous system to calm anxiety and fear. On a technical level, the sedative that enters the bloodstream has a slowing effect on the nervous system. So while patients treated with sedation are not “put under,” they feel calm and relaxed when they would otherwise be affected by the sounds and sights of the dental office.

There are several reasons people fear the dentist. Perhaps it was a bad experience in childhood when their attitude toward dentistry was just forming. In some instances, the fear of dental care is related more to embarrassment than a bad experience. There’s no way around it, dental care does involve close contact with the dentist and technicians, and for some it can feel emotionally uncomfortable. There are also people who avoid the dentist for the sheer reason that they hate shots of anesthetic. Whatever the reason for anxiety, the better option is to overcome it with sedation and compassionate care rather than to avoid dental visits altogether.

Sedation during your dental visit can make it easy to complete multiple procedures in one day. It can reduce physical tension, which will have a positive effect on your treatment as well as your post-visit comfort. Sedation has also been said to enhance the effects of local anesthetic, maximizing comfort during treatments. Finally, a mild to moderate sedative has the power to ease a strong gag reflex, making everything from cleanings to restorative care simpler.

Our team is trained and experienced in the use of sedative medication in conjunction with local anesthetic. We are pleased to bring you dental care that enables you to have positive experiences.

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