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Whole Body Nutrition in Citrus Heights, CA

One of the ways in which biological dentistry differs from most general dental offices is the consideration of whole-body health. Most people understand that there is a connection between teeth and the body. Not only do teeth break down food for digestion and support healthy facial contours, but they are also affected by foods and oral care habits.

There is more to the link between nutrition and oral health than cavity prevention through the avoidance of sugar. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics supports integrative care through which dental professionals collaborate with dieticians and other allied health providers to promote disease prevention and oral health. This recommendation for partnership demonstrates the extent to which the smile can affect the body.

When you join our practice, you will see and feel the difference. Quite simply, we love what we do and it shows.

The association between mouth and body goes both ways. Diseases that occur in the mouth, such as gum disease, can have devastating effects on health. This condition, in particular, is linked to numerous serious health concerns including increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Likewise, systemic conditions and deficiencies can make it more difficult to maintain oral health. Diabetes, for instance, increases the overall risk for systemic inflammation and infection, making the diabetic more prone to gum disease.

At Sacramento Natural Dentistry, we believe in promoting healthy, beautiful smiles that also have a positive impact on general health and wellness. In addition to performing high quality preventive and restorative treatments, Dr. Azouz has also spent a great deal of time considering the role of nutrition and supplementation in oral health. With his own knowledge as well as partnerships with an experienced dietician and other health providers, Dr. Azouz assists patients in determining if nutritional deficiencies exist and understanding how to optimize nutrition for oral and whole body health.

Integrative care maximizes your potential for optimal health.

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