The Great Benefits of a Telehealth Appointment with Sacramento Natural Dentistry

Since 2020, so many people have become more comfortable with using internet-based video technology. This has become a great convenience for our patients at our biological holistic dental office in Citrus Heights, California as many patients come from hours away to receive treatment from Dr. Azouz.

We have come to affectionately call these video calls “teledent appointments”.

Although not the traditional way of dentistry, our patients find great satisfaction in starting out with a teledent appointment for a number of reasons. Whether you are driving from out of state or from just around the corner, let me tell you about a few great things to expect from a Sacramento Natural Dentistry teledent appointment.

One-on-One Time to meet Dr. Azouz 

During the 30-minute morning teledent video calls, you and your family (if desired) will get to:

  1. Personally meet Dr. Azouz, who has been pioneering biological holistic dentistry in the greater Sacramento area since 2004.
  2. Learn about his approach to holistic biological dentistry,
  3. Get the opportunity to ask him questions,
  4. Have Dr. Azouz review the x-rays and photos you email to us,
  5. Find out if this dental relationship feels right for you and your family.

Thorough Health History Review 

Our intake concierge, Angela, has been with our office since 2019. She has been in dentistry since 1989 and is a licensed mid-level dental provider (RDAEF2) since 2004. Angela is a highly experienced team member who will warmly welcome you to our practice and will:

  1. Conduct a thorough evaluation of your health history,
  2. Record your symptoms to review with Dr. Azouz,
  3. Discuss the procedures that Dr. Azouz does at Sacramento Natural Dentistry that sets his practice apart from traditional dentistry,
  4. Offer additional resources for further information if you desire.

Estimated Treatment Plan and Cost 

Once Dr. Azouz reviews the x-rays and photos that you send to us before the teledent appointment, we will be able to:

  1. Create a preliminary Treatment Plan focused on your chief concern(s), although, Dr. Azouz prefers to prioritize treatment in the following order for your comfort and the prevention of greater dental issues in the future:
  2. #1 – Remove the cause of any dental Pain
  3. #2 – Eradicate active any dental Infection
  4. #3 – Arrest the largest Decay in the teeth first, then any other teeth with decay after that
  5. #4 – Optional treatment once everything else above is under control
  6. Give you a preliminary estimate of treatment costs,
  7. Note that the treatment plan may need to be adjusted once we review updated x-rays and perform a clinical evaluation inside your mouth.
  8. The fee we quote you at the teledent appointment is subject to change upon these updated, in-office findings.
  9. Get you scheduled for the first phase of your treatment as soon as our schedule allows.

Teledent Appointments are an Especially Great and Cost-Effective approach for: 

  1. Creating a more efficient patient experience by saving time reviewing your health history, symptoms and records in advance,
  2. Addressing your expectations, questions and concerns in advance,
  3. Conveniently getting a second opinion on previously diagnosed dental treatment,
  4. Quickly getting to know if our biological dental office is right for you,
  5. Planning ahead for those that travel from long distances so you can prepare to complete as much treatment as possible while you are into town,
  6. Triaging your emergency symptoms and probable treatment in advance so we can quote you estimated fees, appoint treatment appropriately and usually start treatment at the first visit,
  7. Providing an estimated quote for your treatment needed or desired, so that you feel comfortable with the treatment goals, procedures and financial responsibilities in advance.

To make your teledent appointment the most productive as possible: 


  1. Email any x-rays from the past 5 years to
  2. Email the photos of the inside of your mouth (as instructed in the Welcome Email we send you with the video link) to
  3. Complete the Intake Forms online found in the Welcome Letter Link (especially the Health History)
  4. Prepare your phone, tablet or computer for the teledent by testing the following sample Google Meet link to be sure all software is downloaded beforehand:
  6. Note: The link above is NOT YOUR APPOINTMENT LINK.
  7. Your personal teledent link will be in the Welcome Email we send you from once you have made the teledent appointment.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 916-961-2020 to set up a convenient and affordable teledent appoint with Sacramento Natural Dentistry