What To Consider Before Teeth Whitening

What To Consider Before Teeth Whitening

February 1, 2023

Do your teeth appear dull or more yellow than usual? Stains can make you look less attractive and embarrassed about your smile. Fortunately, teeth whitening is a quick and a relatively inexpensive way to whiten your teeth for a more beautiful and bright smile.

You have a few options when considering teeth whitening in Citrus Heights, CA. One, you can schedule a whitening procedure with your dentist which is most effective. You can also whiten your smile using whitening take home products from your dentist or drug store, although these are less effective.

What to Consider When Whitening Teeth

Whichever option you choose, you should begin with a dental appointment to determine what type of stains you have. While teeth whitening is safe and effective, it isn’t effective on all stains. For instance, teeth stains from exposure to certain medications, decay, and dental trauma will not respond well to whitening treatments. Using at home whitening products will only waste your time and money without results.

A dental checkup allows the dentist to review your stains and establish whether they will respond to whitening. If not, the dentist can recommend dental restorations like dental bonding, veneers, and crowns to hide the stains for a brighter smile.

Besides getting a dental exam, consider other dental treatments you might want. For instance, do you wish to get a dental crown, veneers, or bonding? If so, it’s important to whiten your teeth before the procedure. The dentist will use the newly bleached teeth shade to customize your restorations to blend with your natural teeth. Therefore, do not get other dental work before your teeth whitening treatment.

Do you have any underlying oral problems? You shouldn’t whiten your teeth if you have tooth decay, cavities, open sores, or gum disease. Teeth whitening products can irritate your gums and nerves, causing significant discomfort and other symptoms. It’s important to treat oral issues before whitening your teeth.

What Are The Effects Of Teeth Whitening On Teeth?

When done correctly and using the right products, teeth whitening is effective and safe and rarely results in serious side effects. The dentist will take the necessary precautions to minimize your risk of side effects. When using over-the-counter products, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly.

Common side effects of teeth whitening include:

  • Teeth sensitivity

Most teeth whitening patients report experiencing minor teeth sensitivity after the procedure. The whitening products open the pores of your tooth enamel to remove stains. It exposes the dentin, which can cause sensitivity. It takes a few hours for the pores to close, upon which the sensitivity should stop. In the meantime, you can use fluoride toothpaste to minimize your discomfort.

  • Gum irritation

With In-office teeth whitening, the dentist will isolate the rest of the mouth from the teeth using a dental dam to reduce the risk of gum irritation. When using a home or store-bought kit, apply the strips properly. You are less likely to experience gum irritation, particularly if the dentist provides the treatment or if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly.

  • Ineffective results

In-office whitening is personalized to achieve your results, meaning they are more effective. The dentist can show you a shade guide to know what to expect after the procedure. However, over-the-counter products are generic and contain lower concentrations of bleaching agents, meaning they may be ineffective for severe or intrinsic stains.

How Many Teeth Whitening Sessions Does It Take?

Typically, how many whitening sessions you need depends on the type of stains you have and how many shades lighter you want your teeth to be. People with mild stains can achieve a brighter smile in a single session. However, moderate to severe dental stains may require multiple sessions to achieve a perfect shade. Consult with your dentist to determine how many sessions you might need.

How To Maintain A Beautiful Smile

Below are a few tips to keep your bright smile between your teeth whitening treatments:

  • Brush and floss daily.
  • Avoid chewing or smoking tobacco.
  • Avoid or limit foods and beverages that may stain teeth. Brush or rinse your mouth afterwards.
  • Use a straw for drinking highly pigmented and acidic beverages.
  • Schedule routine professional dental cleanings and exams.
  • Consult your dentist about whitening mouthwashes or toothpaste to use at home.

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